Kimberley Wild Gubinge Powder 25g

Kimberley Wild Gubinge Powder 25g


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100% Wild Harvested Single Origin Fair Trade Fruit Powder. A rich natural source of Vitamin C. 

THE FRUIT: Known as the Gubinge or Madoorr by the Bardi people of the west Kimberley Coast, often called the Kakadu Plum, it is the highest natural source of Vitamin C on Planet Earth.

TRADITIONAL INFO: Used for thousands of years by Australia's Indigenous people as a fresh staple in the wet season for nutrition and medicine. 

WHERE: Wild harvested from the pristine Dampier Peninsular Coast in the Kimberley WA. KWG manage wild native orchards through traditional land care methods. Processed onsite ensuring low carbon footprint. 

HOW:  The seeds are removed and then it is carefully air-dried and milled into a fine powder. This process makes it one of the purest Gubinge products on the market. KWG powder has 13000 mg Vitamin C per 100 gs. The powder is suitable for adding to water, fruit juice smoothies or sprinkled on muesli, yogurt or salads. Used in cool food to preserve the nutrients and because it is concentrated 1.5 gs (a small half teaspoon) is the suggested daily serving size. This serving size will provide 195 mg Vitamin C. This is three times more potent than similar products and KWG are the only producer to independently, scientifically test their product every year to bring consumers a comprehensive Analysis Report.