Mayi Harvests WILD MINT (DRIED) 50gms

Mayi Harvests WILD MINT (DRIED) 50gms


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Wild Mint is a Bushfood that grows in most regions of Australia. Its many varieties have been used for thousands of years by Indigenous Australians as a food source and as a medicinal plant.

Australian Wild Mint can be used as a substitute in recipes where ever mint is called for. Its strong mint flavour and aroma is wonderful in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Use Wild Mint to make mint sauce for meat or vegetables; and in Bushfood salad dressings.

Add a lift to fresh coleslaw or Quinoa salads; or create a scrumptious roast carrot, cumin and Wild Mint dip.

Delicious with seafood and lamb, add Wild Mint to curries, hotpots and roasts; or add it to your next quiche or savoury muffins.

Add a fresh, minty lift to chia seed puddings and superfood balls. Wild Mint is also excellent as a refreshing herbal tea.

Wild Mint can be used as a flavoursome substitute for cultivated mint in savoury recipes, desserts and refreshing hot or cold beverages.